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Obsessed? Check.

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Nov. 20th, 2004 | 01:43 am
mood: obsessed
posted by: zenmondo in jolt_obsession

I recently saw that darkage90 added me as a friend (heaven knows why!), and checking out his userinfo, I saw this community, and there you are, and here I am.

I am obsessed with Jolt Cola, so much so, I wrote a program called Jolt Finder to make up for the lack of a store-locator on the official website. If the handful of you reading this could register and add the locations of where you buy Jolt! to the database, it would be great help, as the database is so tiny. I'm praying for a slashdotting, but the story I submitted has been pending a month and 2 days now!

There is also joltfinder you might want to check out. Would the mod of this community like to trade links on our community info-pages as a bit of cross-promotion?

I got many obsessions, though they seem to wax and wane.

Among these are:

Star Wars (slight waning)
OLD Disney stuff (waxing)
    Various Disney sub-groups (like the Main Street Electrical Parade) (waxing)

Trek (waned)
Superman (waned)
Comix in general (slightly waxing -- no comic shop in my new hometown, have to get graphic novels from the library)
Computers (WAXED)
Mongolian BBQ (waxing)
Aikido (waxing)

Well hell, I have my interests list maxed out at 150, and have to rotate interests cuz I can't fit them all in. You can read those. ;)


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The Mod for this here community


From: housecatoflife
Date: Nov. 20th, 2004 11:21 pm (UTC)

Hello there! It's always great to get a new member, even better when that member is a Jolt! fan! I'd be interested in cross-promoting with you, that'd be a great idea.

When I get the time, I'll fill out where I buy Jolt. I'm kind of lucky because I live less than an hour away from the original birthplace of Jolt, so there are a couple places that still sell it.

Thanks for the post, and welcome to the community!

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